Off the Page Reading Series

Join us for Off The Page, our series of monthly staged play readings! Several shows have gone on to be full Sierra Madre Playhouse productions, including "The Immigrant", "The Gin Game", and "Tuesdays with Morrie".

August 26, 2019, 7:00 pm
A Thousand Clowns
by Herb Gardner
Directed by Cate Caplin

This benchmark of Broadway comedy produced one of the theatre's most beloved roles: unconventional Murray Burns, uncle to precocious nephew, Nick. Tired of writing cheap comedy gags for "Chipper the Chipmunk", a children's television star, Murray finds himself unemployed with plenty of free time with which to pursue his...pursuits. Lectured by his conventional brother Arnold and hounded by "the system", Murray is paid a visit by bickering, uptight social workers, Sandra and Albert, and finds himself solving their problems as well as most of his own.

“Filled with laughter and warmth and sweetness and inspired daffiness. One of the quintessential New York comedies." - New York Daily News


September 23, 2019, 7:00 pm
Yellow Face
By David Henry Hwang
Directed by Drew Barr

The lines between truth and fiction blur with hilarious and moving results in David Henry Hwang's unreliable memoir play. Asian-American playwright DHH, fresh off his Tony Award win, leads a protest against the casting of Jonathan Pryce as the Eurasian pimp in the original Broadway production of Miss Saigon, condemning the practice as "yellowface." His position comes back to haunt him when he mistakes a Caucasian actor for mixed-race, and casts him in the lead Asian role of his own Broadway-bound comedy. Meanwhile, DHH's father an immigrant who loves the American Dream, finds himself ensnared in the late-1990's anti-Chinese paranoia that also leads to the "Donorgate" scandal. This new racist witch hunt forces DHH to confront the complex and ever-changing role that "face" plays in American life today. 


"One of the Year's Ten Best. This farcical faux documentary investigates racial and cultural authenticity in a play that knows when irony must give way to sincerity, and vice versa." - Los Angeles Times


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