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Absolute Focus

Hindustani Classical Duo

Two musical paths merged into one when Kamaljeet and Jas were married in late 2011. Together, Kamaljeet and Jas founded the Art and Music Production company Absolute Focus. Through Absolute Focus, they have developed an international clientele and have written and produced music for live concerts, commercial advertising, album production, video games, theatrical trailers, and film/television scores. They regularly contribute to the score of Disney Jr’s Mira: Royal Detective. They just completed recording for Disney’s The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic, Apple TV’s series Home, and a commercial for Facebook. Their latest film credits include Let Me Make You a Martyr, Sundance Audience Award winner Circumstance, Sean Hacket’s Homecoming, Igor Voloshin’s Beodouin, Cannes Film Festival Award winner Brahmin Bulls, Sundance Film Institute’s Himalaya Song, and Toronto Film Festival selection Nari. Their recent performances include collaborations with Bombay Dub Orchestra, Joseph Trapanese, Kaushiki Chakrabarty, Talvin Singh, Gingger Shankar, Amritha Vaz, and acclaimed dancer and choreographer Akram Khan.

Despite their innovative projects, Kamaljeet and Jas remain true to their Indian Classical Roots. They continue to perform Indian classical concerts throughout North America, Europe, India, Africa, and Asia to an ever growing fan following. Kamaljeet and Jas have brought their spiritually rooted relationship to the stage and have developed a rapport than can only come from a true understanding of one another. Their performances are an instrumental Indian Classical journey that takes audiences from meditative introspection to dazzling energy-filled heights.

Absolute Focus
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