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Kait Dunton


Kait Dunton, a Los Angeles-based keyboardist and composer, is a musical force to be reckoned with. Her performances exude sheer joy, inviting her audience to share in the depth of her emotional expression. With a radiant energy and masterful storytelling through her music, Kait has garnered a massive following on social media and a substantial listenership on Spotify.

Kait's musical talent has earned her a well-deserved 4.5-star rating in DownBeat magazine and secured her a place in the top ten on the Jazz Week radio charts. Her music has also been featured on prominent radio stations like KCRW and KJazz.  

Influenced by legendary artists such as Ahmad Jamal, Chick Corea, and Herbie Hancock, Kait has evolved into a multi-keyboardist with a signature groovy vintage sound. Her genre-blending music incorporates elements from classical, pop, rock, R&B, soul, gospel, Brazilian, and Latin music, making her a true trailblazer in the world of jazz.

Kait's latest album, "Keyboards," celebrates the classic vintage keyboards of the '70s, including the Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, and Clavinet. It marks a shift in her sound, focusing on groove and interlocking rhythms while maintaining her unique musical style.

Kait Dunton
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