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Los Angeles Jazz Quartet

Music Ensemble

The Los Angeles Jazz Quartet, active since 1994, is an L.A. based group comprised of four musicians who share a similar vision of acoustic jazz in the new millennium.

While definitely influenced by the sound, style and sensibilities of the classic jazz of the 1950's and 60's, the L.A. Jazz Quartet provides a fresh perspective in the context of the contemporary jazz ensemble.

Most of the material performed by the L.A. Jazz Quartet is original and draws upon a varied palette of musical styles. The quartet can play music that is unashamedly lyrical and understated while at the same time possesses an ability to be as hard-edged as the music warrants.

Reflecting LAJQ's philosophy that every band member is an integral part of the improvisation process, each member is also a composer contributing their own original material in a collective manner.

Los Angeles Jazz Quartet
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